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[inwave_heading title=”motorcycle REPAIR ///& custom services” sub_title=”Welcome to bike hero” align=”right” preview_style1=””]We are a full service shop and parts department including Aftermarket Parts and OEM / Dealer (Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki, Yamaha, and Harley Davidson) parts and apparel. With over 30 Years combined experience we can tackle any repair or service that you require no matter how small or large of a job it may be.[/inwave_heading][inwave_button style=”button2″ button_text=”About us” button_size=”button-small” background_color=”bg-grey” shape=”rounded” align=”right”]
[inwave_testimonial_item style=”style2″ name=”Daniel Nguyen ” position=”Vietnamese client ” image=”274″ rate=”0″]I wanted to THANK the Team for servicing and repairing my Harley Davidson on such short notice. The window works just like new.It is good to know that there are Service companies out there that still stand behind their work and their service[/inwave_testimonial_item]
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[inwave_info_item style=”style4″ title=”PREMIUM QUALITY” icon_size=”86″ icon_img=”498″]We guarantee quality of our works from the diagnostic to repairs.[/inwave_info_item]
[inwave_info_item style=”style4″ title=”Dependable Services” icon_size=”86″ icon_img=”503″]We love to take pride in the work we do. Each project is finished in time and budget[/inwave_info_item]
[inwave_info_item style=”style4″ title=”Reputable Company” icon_size=”86″ icon_img=”502″]Operating for more than 30 years, earning a reputation for service and beautiful work[/inwave_info_item]
[inwave_info_item style=”style4″ title=”Free Consultations” icon_size=”86″ icon_img=”501″]We offer free consultations for our services, and will provide you with an actual quote[/inwave_info_item]
[inwave_info_item style=”style4″ title=”ONLINE SERVICE” icon_size=”86″ icon_img=”500″]You can be assured of our support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.[/inwave_info_item]
[inwave_info_item style=”style4″ title=”EXCLUSIVE OFFERS” icon_size=”86″ icon_img=”499″]Motorcycles repair is carried out at a highly professional level.[/inwave_info_item]
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We offer lower prices for services and spare parts than branded stations. We use information databases of European, Japanese and Korean motorcycle manufacturers for motorcycle repairs. We offer new motorcycle servicing. In its basis is an individual approach and cost optimization for our clients.


With so many years of experience in the business, our company is your source for the highest quality and motorcycle repair & chopper service.


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Emergency pick-up service available 24 / 7. Please call us +84 1234 588 888
[inwave_map description=”Inwave Head Office – #302 Rainbow Building Van Quan Ha Dong Dist, Ha Noi, Vietnam” zoom=”9″ preview_style1=”” marker_icon=”217″][/inwave_map]